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Niko Ana Jeanne

EFT, Energy Psychology


Co-creator of THRIVE! Membership

Yoga & Meditation Trainer

Buddhist Lay Minister

I’m the Co-Founder of BUDDHAVERSITY (actual credentials are BA in Business Management, Certified Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Trainer, Servant Leader and Buddhist Lay Minister) I have enough degrees and certifications to wallpaper my entire office (LOL!).

But really, I’m still just that ’70s kid wearing a unicorn print tee, shorts, and Adidas.

Even back then, I was the friend everyone wanted to share their problems with.
And as a young adult, I was drawn to helping people and subsequently became a massage therapist and yoga instructor. My natural teaching abilities were always recognized and encouraged and I ended up training others in my field.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve taught and trained at colleges, vocational schools, and even owned my own therapeutic massage and yoga school.
Through it all, I’ve healed on so many levels and overcome challenges and traumas.

About 5 years ago I experienced my biggest transformation yet when I retired from a career in massage therapy, graduated from college at 44 years old, opened my own coaching practice and eventually co-founded BUDDHAVERSITY.
I came across EFT Tapping by chance and experienced radical healing of a lifelong, debilitating anxiety disorder. I also worked with some amazing coaches and mentors along the way.

My life has never been the same since I released blocks and limitations that held me back for YEARS!

My personal and professional life experienced profound healing.
I reconnected with my true authentic self and now I’m committed to help others create this level of transformation and breakthrough in their own lives.
Michael Messmer

EFT, Energy Psychology


Co-creator of THRIVE! Membership

Life is never a straight path from where we start to our goals. Along the way we can learn to trust that through letting go we have already arrived but by holding on, we remain far away.

I’ve experienced so many of the usual stuff, marriage, children, buying a house, divorce, anxiety, stress, depression, loss and grief, shame, guilt and blame… The list goes on if I were to go into details.  My point is after having experienced so much and through the help I received from EFT Tapping Coaches, Energy Psychology Training, and years of meditation practice, I have mostly (I’m human. Humans are not perfect) let go of how I will meet my goals. 

Without grasping, resisting the present moment, and fearing the worst, I find the Universe a benevolent partner in helping me to achieve any goal I have set as well as a great guide for what I will focus on now. That’s right: Now... not next.”

Moving away from fear and striving, anxiety and feeling paralyzed, I found trust in setting a goal and staying in the present moment to do just what is in front of me. Not always perfect with room for revision. Trusting that the next step will appear before me.

As each moment goes by, the next moment the next opens up and I get to be with that moment. Staying right in my heart.

Transformation, transcendence, and thriving are my goals for you and in having co-created BUDDHAVERSITY and THRIVE! Membership.

If you are ready to let go of your past, your patterns, your beliefs, then you’ve come to the right place.